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Small Fragment Instrument Set
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We offer to Small Fragment Instrument Setsand Implants for 3.5 and 4.0mm diameter screws. These small fragment sets, crafted using high grade raw materials, are acknowledged for its sturdiness and greater longevity. It is also credited for its perfect finish and high tensile strength.These fragment sets, available in different customized forms, are strictly tested on quality grounds for better result orientation. The sets consists :

  • Drill bit, for quick coupling 2.5 mm diam. , 3.5 diam., small countersink
  • Taps for 3.5 mm cortex screws, for 4.0mm cancellous bone screws
  • Handle with quick coupling
  • Insert Drill sleeve, diam 3.5/2.7 mm
  • Small hexagonal screwdriver
  • Small hexagonal screwdriver shaft
  • Small depth gauge for small screws
  • Sharp hook
  • Bending template
  • Bending Irons for small plates
  • Self-centering bone holding forceps
  • Reduction forceps with points
  • Reduction forceps for small fragments
  • Small retractor width 6 and 8 mm
  • Retractor for small fragments
  • Small periosteal elevator with straight edge , 6mm width
  • Plates - Dynamic compression plate DCP
  • One third tubular plates
  • Small T-plates
  • Cloverleaf plates
  • Implants
    3.5mm cortex screws
    4.0mm Cancellous bone Screws
    4.0mm Cancellous bone Screw
  • Small washers 7.0mm diameter

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